About Us

Chippi&Co. - A Brand pride ourselves in offering the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship to deliver only the most delicate, safest and adorable handcrafted toys, exciting decor and safe apparels for your babies.

Meanings behind the name: "Chippi and Company" - The proximity of 'company' can be as wide as positive energy from friends, family or acquaintances around Chippi, an imaginary little child/ mascot/ angel who well-deserve attention, love and care just like any other child. Meanwhile, it can be as intrinsically spiritual as simple companionship that brings about temporal sense of care and protection.

We believe in a world where every person, especially every child, feels specially cared, loved and protected.


"Making children feel special betters their world.”
“Chippi & Co aspires to be a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality apparels for mommy and baby's aesthetic lifestyle.” 



Trademark Status:

Chippi & Co is accepted by USPTO.


Chippi & Co, believes every child on earth is special in their own way. They deserve the most special care and love from their parents and others.
Chippi & Co aims to be ‘a kingdom’ or ‘a realm of dreams’, where they can first-hand experience a twist of sweetness, understand the power of kindness AND, hence, be cultivated a sense of humanity and mutual support.




We curate our products on the basis of quality and decency. We tolerate nothing but fairness in contracting with our artisans - made up of mainly women with special stories who well deserve opportunities to excel. The fabrics, yarn and other constituent materials are expert-sourced in our well-endowed home country, Vietnam - which has unmountable depths in textile culture and prestige.


Our products follow strictly 3 key pillars to stay relevant as a global brand:
  • Fair-Trade Business Practices only
  • Premium Materials: Expert-picked sources of fabrics
  • US/EU-Standard Safety: Clinically proven Gentle on Baby skin



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